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September 18th, 2006

Wow! It has been a busy week. It is starting to cool down. Fall is coming. Time to tune up (and in our case) replace that furnace. :) Enjoy Volume 6 of the newsletter!
- Brandon Doyle

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7-Zip 4.42

7-Zip is an open source replacement for WinZip. However, its interface is clunky at best. It may have better compression in most situations but most people may be more comfortable with WinZip. 7-Zip is powerful, but it may be better suited for the developer crowd. Go ahead and stick with WinZip until the 7-Zip interface is improved.

We give it three out of five coffee cups.

DoyleSoft Download

Ad-Aware 1.06

Ad-Aware provides advanced protection from known data-mining, aggressive advertising, Trojans, dialers, malware, browser hijackers, and tracking components.

  • Scans fixed and removable drives, memory and Windows registry.
  • Detects known and unknown variants of malware.
  • Removes aggressive spyware and malicious content.
  • Takes advantage of a fully featured quarantine support.
  • Logs information about scans and malicious content removals.

    We give it five out of five coffee cups!

    DoyleSoft Favorite

    Alexa is a powerful search engine focused on bringing you data about your website. You can type in your domain name and instantly receive back data about your site's popularity. A must have!

    DoyleSoft Download

    DoyleSoft's Loan Calculator

    DoyleSoft's loan calculator will calculate a thirty year fixed loan for the principal, interest rate, and start month that you choose. It will also print the amortization table. Worth the download. ;)

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