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October 16th, 2006

Welcome to Volume 10! This week, we are proud to announce EmailXT and BugSentry. Check it out!
- Brandon Doyle

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EmailXT is a relationship-based email system where unsolicited bulk emailing is no longer possible. No more spam and mass mailing viruses. No more spam filter updates or costly services.

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  • BugSentry is automatic bug tracking for .NET and COM.
  • Add the BugSentry dll to your application and it will securely and automatically report errors.
  • Don't rely on users to report problems. Let BugSentry do it.
  • There is no server to host.
  • Your issues are stored using your public key.

    DoyleSoft Favorite

    Taxation in the United States

    The first federal income tax was imposed by Congress in 1862, to finance the Union's waging of the Civil War.

    Interesting article.

    DoyleSoft Tip

    Autoruns Re-Visited

    We recently reviewed SysInternals' Autoruns. This is one handy utility. Did you also know that it is easy to hide known Microsoft entries? Just click on Options and check mark Hide Microsoft Entries. We just leave Autoruns on the Everything tab so we can get a quick glance of everything that auto-starts. In short, it's good stuff.

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