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Issue 26, January 14, 2010

Hello! Welcome back to the DoyleSoft newsletter! Happy New Year! We wish you a very successful new year. Enjoy Issue 26!

Brandon Doyle

- Brandon Doyle

Gmail Tip

Adding labels to emails

If you use Gmail you probably enjoy its simple design and interface. You probably also get a lot of email. It's easy to manage groups of emails with labels. In Gmail you can click on Labels to "Manage Labels" and once your new Label is created you can then easily attach the label to an email. Once that's done, you can search for just those emails by typing label:yournewlabel in the Search box. It's just that easy. : )

Tech News

Probably the most exciting tech news in recent days is Nitendo planning to team up with Nexflix to stream movies to your Wii. Sounds exciting. We will be monitoring this story in the coming months. The Wii is a very fun and addictive console if you haven't had the chance to try one yet. Trust us, it's fun.

DoyleSoft Bookmark

I remember Marshall Brain of His site was and still is very popular. He has a blog called Web Knowledge Equals Wealth. His blog discusses and links to people and ventures that have found huge successes online. It's worth a look. We highly recommend it!

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base

As always you can buy and download the latest version of Knowledge Base from Also, if you are an existing customer and newsletter subscriber, thank you again for your business! This month we will be introducing a special members only section of the doylesoft website available only to existing customers. If you haven't yet purchased DoyleSoft Knowledge Base, now is the time before the price increases!

See you in the next newsletter!

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