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Issue 25, November 27, 2009

Hello! Welcome back to the DoyleSoft newsletter! Happy Black Friday and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all DoyleSoft enthusiasts in the United States. We got an early Christmas gift: My son was born on November 14th! I am holding him while I write this. This little guy is a great little boy. : ) Enjoy Issue 25!

Brandon Doyle

- Brandon Doyle

MS Excel Tip

Adding a comment to a formula

When working on a formula in Excel you may sometimes wonder if someone else will be able to follow the logic of the formula and the spreadsheet after you are gone. Thankfully, it easy to add a note or a comment to an existing formula. If you are working on cell C1 and you want to add the results from cell Al and B1 you can type the formula as =SUM(a1:b1)+N("Adding A1 and B1"). Notice that adding +N to the formula does not display in the worksheet or affect formula calculations, but it does display in the formula bar. Simple and effective. : )

Tech News

In recent days Google announced the first release of its Operating System called ChromeOS. Although it generated much excitement in the media, a closer look reveals that the OS is extremely minimal at the moment and is just an extension of the Google Chrome browser itself. And, ChromeOS isn't bootable on PC hardware... yet. The tech. world is hard at work getting ChromeOS into a bootable OS outside of a virtual machine. After that task is accomplished ChromeOS could potentially be a major player in Operating Systems. But don't expect much from the OS for several years. With so much of people's lives now taking place in the browser, everything else that a PC has traditionally been used for will slowly fade from existence. But it is still several years on the horizon.

DoyleSoft Download

Twitter has quickly become one of the biggest sites on the Internet. According to its current worldwide ranking is number 14! It's free to get a Twitter account and start adding people to "follow" and generally those same people will follow you back. With very little effort you can soon have 200 followers or more. With that many people creating 140 character messages all day long, that's a pretty big firehose to drink from for a mere mortal. Thankfully we have a great Twitter utility called TweetDeck. TweetDeck allows to organize messages and followers into groups and columns of text. Now, instead of watching a very fast moving twitter stream all day long, you can monitor the stream just for your closest friends and those you would like to see constant updates from. TweetDeck is a great way to get a handle on the Twitter firehose. Get it now from!

DoyleSoft Knowledge Base

As always you can buy and download the latest version of Knowledge Base from Also, if you are an existing customer and newsletter subscriber, thank you again for your business! In January we will be introducing a special members only section of the doylesoft website available only to existing customers. If you haven't yet purchased DoyleSoft Knowledge Base, now is the time before the price increases!

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