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July 16th, 2007


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Welcome to issue 20! Our newsletter focuses on small business, technology, software, and everything in between. See you in issue 21!

- Brandon Doyle

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Ultimate HTML Color HEX Code List

This page will show hex values and associated colors for practically any color you would want to use for your site, and it's presented in an elegant way. Check it out!

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Spiffy Corners

"Spiffy Corners is a simple way to generate the CSS and HTML you need to create anti-aliased corners without using images or javascript."

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VLC Is Bringing Sexy Back
By: Brandon Doyle

Have you ever wanted a media player that "just works?" has answered that age old question with Video Lan Client (VLC). VLC can play many types of video files, DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs, and Audio CDs without any trouble at all.

VLC has many different types of interfaces and advanced features. I like the Open Disc feature. You can click on File | Open Disc and choose the disc type and the disc starts playing. The disc (DVD) menus are also interactive. Clicking an item with the mouse; plays the items contents.

Much Internet content is now encoded in several different formats to ensure the best data compression. VLC handles avi, mpeg, and even flash content without any problem.

I also like the Preferences of VLC. You can access it by clicking Settings | Preferences. VLC did a good job of documenting the Hot Keys. You can see the Hotkeys by clicking on Interface | Hotkeys settings.

You can also transcode and save files as different types. Click on File | Wizard. The wizard walks you through the process. And finally, if you ever need help, the forums at are very helpful.

Overall, VLC is a must have for video enthusiasts! Go to and download your free copy now!

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Fiber to the home

Fiber to the home is a form of fiber-optic communication delivery in which an optical fiber is run directly onto the customers' premises. is one of the largest providers of fiber to the home in Northern Utah. A small single fiber optic cable can deliver a speed of up to 40 Gigabits per second. Thanks to this technology, MStar is able to offer phone, TV, and high speed Internet (currently at 15Mbps) at low prices.

In Utah, local government and private entities have worked together to build one of the world's largest fiber optic networks; Utopia and iProvo. Living in Northern Utah gives many residents an opportunity to take advantage of this new technology. If you don't live in Utah, don't worry, fiber to the home may be coming your way soon. If you DO live in Northern Utah and want to get MStar, give them a call. Tell them Brandon Doyle sent you.

Reader Feedback

The most important part of our newsletter is our readers! If you would like us to mention your website, your tech. product, or you just have a comment or question that you would like posted in the newsletter, contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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