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How To Use The Sage RSS Reader For Firefox

RSS readers consolidate "feeds" or syndicated content from multiple sources all over the internet. After you start using one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Firefox has one built in, but you can still add one such as Sage for more features. You can get up and running with Sage in as much time as it takes to read this article:

1. Install the Sage RSS Reader.

2. Point your Firefox browser to Tools | Sage to open the Sage sidebar. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts you may also just press Alt + Z.

3. Look for RSS feeds to add to your reader. Surf to your favorite web pages, blogs, or sites and click on the magnifying glass logo in the upper part of the Sage sidebar. If the page you are on has an RSS feed, Sage will notify you that is has "Discovered External Feeds".

4. Select the feed you want to subscribe to and press "Add Feed" and then "Close."

5. Read your feeds and mark them read or unread as appropriate.

6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 until you have assembled all the feeds that you can follow. Enjoy this easy method to gather lots of interesting reading in one spot.

You can press Refresh at anytime in Sage and it will check all your feeds for updates. It will usually do this in the matter of seconds!

Nearly every blog and an increasingly large number of conventional websites now have RSS feeds that you will be able to read and easily add to Sage.

But I must warn you: you will soon be spoiled by the amount of content on tap. Be sure to delete the feeds you never read so your RSS reader stays manageable.

By Brandon Doyle

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