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Kick The Registry's Ass In Ten Minutes Or Less!

The registry is a sensitive and complex system database, but you can take it on like you've been doing it for years! Find out which software cleaners work and which ones should be avoided... you don't want to miss this!

The registry is a database that Windows uses to store hardware and software configuration information, user preferences and setup information. The registry may need to be scanned and cleaned occasionally to keep your PC working at top performance. The Windows registry contains: profiles for each user, installed programs, documents and files, hardware, and literally anything the PC may need to reference.

Because of the wild-west nature of the Registry, it can contain information that's no longer valid. Improper uninstalling of programs may lead to unwanted registry entries. When invalid entries accumulate they clog the registry; potentially slowing down your PC and causing error messages and system crashes. You might also notice that your PC's startup process (boot time) is considerably slower than it used to be. Cleaning your registry is the easiest way to avoid these common problems.

Registry cleaning can be done manually using REGEDIT (Click Start | Run type REGEDIT and press Enter). But, it can be a bit complicated to identify the unwanted registry entries and delete them. Instead it is much easier to use Registry cleaning solutions available both free and for a license fee. Here are a few ways to kick the registry's ass!

Download AutoRuns for Windows v9.3 from:

Autoruns is the most comprehensive utility for finding programs and processes that automatically start when Windows starts. Removing unwanted startup programs and processes will dramatically increase boot time! But be careful not to remove critical startup processes. If you are not sure, it is best to leave it or ask an expert.

Next, download CCleaner from:

Originally called Crap Cleaner, CCleaner will clean all of the leftover crap on your PC and keep it running smooth. A must have!

Finally, Ad-Aware 2008 Free:

Ad-Aware is one of the original and best anti-spyware cleaners. If your registry has entries flagged as malicious spyware by Ad-Aware, Ad-Aware will find and delete it. Period!

With these three free programs, you can't go wrong. You will notice a DRAMTIC increase in performance. If you still need a specialized registry cleaner program, research the name and company very carefully. There are actually registry cleaner programs that can make your registry worse! To add insult to injury, these programs try to scam you into buying ANOTHER program to fix the issues the first program created! Don't get caught in one of these scams. Use common sense before purchasing a registry scanner/cleaner. It's worth repeating; research the name of the software or the company before handing over your cash. Let me know if you have been successful in cleaning your registry. I always enjoy a success story.

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By Brandon Doyle

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