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Create And Sell Your Ebook In Four Easy Steps!

I was first intrigued with the possibility of selling digital downloadable products online in August of 2002. I have learned a great deal since then and you won't believe how easy it is to create and sell your ebook online, starting now!

First, get a good webhost. Depending on what your needs are, you may need to research the different web hosts to find out what services they offer. For the purpose of selling ebooks and digital downloadable products, is a fine choice. Everything is managed through their portal, sort of like managing your online email whether it is GMail, Yahoo, or Hotmail.

Second, get a good domain name. This is critical. To be taken seriously, you really need to think about getting a domain and getting it registered for a few years. Here's the great part, even if you never bought a domain name before, Freewebs walks you through it and it's a breeze. Freewebs automatically associates your domain name with your hosting account and your domain is usually accessible around the world within 48 hours.

Third, get a credit card processing service. There are several services out there. I use Clickbank. Clickbank is easy to setup and use. Here's how it works: When a customer clicks an image or link to order your product, he/she is directed to the Clickbank order page, after the payment is accepted, the customer is then directed to your "thank you" page where he/she can download the product. It's all automated!

Fourth, get a good text to PDF creator. Luckily, it is absolutely free to create PDFs! Simply run a Google search for PDF Creator and download it from SourceForge. Once it is installed, it adds a "PDF Printer" to your computer. When printing a document from your computer, you can choose your "PDF Printer" and the PDF is automatically created!

That's it! Get your business online in four easy steps in the matter of hours. Now we get into the real meat and potatoes of your business: Your business is anything you want it to be. You design the site, you write the content, you write the book, you collect the checks from Clickbank. Even if you have no idea how to get started, please follow these four steps. It will open your imagination to a whole world of possibilities.

If you need any help along the way, I recommmend It is a fine community and everyone is generally happy to help.

I estimate it will cost you about $70.00 to get started. Happy selling!

By Brandon Doyle

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