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Computers Are The Lifeblood Of Business

I walked into a Taco Bell a few weeks ago and the manager wasn't in to open the safe so the employee can put the till into the register. This particular register can't operate without its till. The employee was writing orders on napkins. The employee took my order, didn't charge me, and gave me a card for a free meal for my inconvenience. Great customer service, but at what cost I thought. I concluded that computers are vital to any business organization.

What if you were to take away a bank's computers and ask them to do all transactions with pen and paper? They can't. They haven't been able to for decades. Just as in the Taco Bell example, business would grind to a halt. What lies in these millions of computers so ingrained in businesses worldwide? The answer is simple: Problems and Opportunity.

Computers cause problems. It's a fact of life. Computers don't have perfect hardware, a perfect environment, or perfect software. Problems are virtually guaranteed. On average, what happens to a business that has been without its computers for more than three days? The business eventually fails. Business computers = serious business!

Success comes to those who recognize these problems as tremendous opportunities. Opportunities exist for: repair, maintenance, programming, training, support... and the list goes on. In fact, the amount of opportunity is as vast as the problems themselves.

Someone who takes advantage of the opportunities can make a nice career and a nice living from their expertise. Solve problems quickly and effectively; and you will prosper in the new global economy.

By Brandon Doyle

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