61 FREE Ways To Increase Your Web Presence

Updated: September 20th, 2012

1. If you're launching a new site, or new content, write an introduction and submit it to sites like Digg, Reddit, and Stumbled Upon.
2. Create a Yahoo Group for your niche.
3. Create a MySpace account and add links to your site.
4. Bookmark your site on Del.icio.us and add a Del.icio.us button to your home page.
5. Create a Technorati account.
6. Submit your site to free, search engine friendly directories.
7. Place a free ad for your site on Gumtree.
8. Syndicate your site's content by using RSS feeds.
9. Submit your RSS feeds to aggregator sites like FeedBurner, Squidoo, Feedboy, Jordomedia, FeedBomb, FeedCat, rssmad, feeddirectory and feedfury.
10. Write an article related to your site and submit it to article sites. (ezinearticles.com)
11. Sign up to StumbleUpon and get your friends to Stumble your site.
12. Create a custom 404 page so that even if someone encounters an error on your site, they are re-directed to your home page.
13. Add a link to your site in the signature of any forums you post on.
14. Tell your friends about your site.
15. Spell check your site.
16. Test your site and make sure it appears correctly in all major browsers.
17. Get a good host.
18. Offer something for free.
19. Tell your neighbors about your site, you never know what contacts they might have.
20. Advertise your site on Craigslist.com.
21. Submit your site to DMOZ.org.
22. Create a sitemap of your site and submit it to Google.
23. Sign up with an affiliate program to sell your product. (For digital products, check out Clickbank.com)
24. On your newsletter page, add a simple one field form to ask people for their email address so you can send them your free newsletters.
25. Send out a newsletter!
26. Giving away an eBook is an excellent way to generate word-of-mouth about your site.
27. Put downloadable content on your site. Keep it technology neutral. Go with MP3 over WMA.
28. Learn CSS.
29. Ask bloggers, forums (if allowed), and Web site owners to review your site and/or products.
30. Have user friendly page names. For your newsletter page, use doylesoft.com/newsletter for example.
31. Become a leading authority on your chosen subject.
32. Abide to W3C standards - it will help your site in the long term.
33. Participate in forums.
34. Ask bloggers to write about your site or product - in return for a link of course.
35. Add a "Tell a Friend" function/button to your site.
36. Have a Sitemap on your site to help users navigate your site.
37. Have a nice keyword rich title at the top of each of your pages.
38. Include a Feedburner button on your site so people can easily subscribe to your feed.
39. Create a Press section on your site where can you store all your press releases, logos and banners.
40. Add a link to your site from within your eBay profile.
41. Ask your friends to give you honest feedback on your site.
42. Submit photos and pictures to Flickr.
43. Make sure it's easy for your users to subscribe to your RSS feed.
44. Create a "lens" for your site on Squidoo.com.
45. Ask friends, colleagues and associates to "Favorite" your blog on Technorati.
46. You can add a Bulletin to your MySpace account promoting your site that all your MySpace Friends will see.
47. Response to your customer's emails promptly, even if it is with a simply auto-responder. No one likes to wait 3 or 4 days for an acknowledgment of their contact with you.
48. Write articles! Put them on your site.
49. What did you learn today? Tell other people and they might learn something too.
50. Do you have really hot content on your site that geeks would love? If so Slashdot and Digg will bring you a mass of traffic.
51. Meta tags might carry less weight than the 90's, but you should still have them on every page.
52. Google Analytics (google.com/analytics) is free and will tell you all you need to know about who's visiting your site.
53. Don't be afraid to link to other sites, especially if they are relevant.
54. Use HTML text rather than graphics to represent text.
55. Validate your HTML and CSS.(w3c.org) It'll help ensure your site displays well in all browsers.
56. If you plan to submit your site to lots of directory or article sites - create an email especially for this.
57. Link bait! "Link baiting" means writing some killer content that people will want to link to. Like a "61 FREE Ways To Increase Your Web Presence" list!
58. Google receives roughly 50% of all search requests, Yahoo 25% and MSN just 10%. That's a good rule of thumb as to how much emphasis to put on each.
59. Ebooks with re-seller rights make an excellent "free gift" for your site.
60. Upload your product feed to Froogle.
61. Search out unanswered questions on Yahoo! Answers and add your site as the "Source." (Careful not to spam!)

62. Create a WordPress blog and add your articles and content to it. And always remember to offer more than expected!

There are dozens more things you can do, but that's a start. Wow, it sounds like I better get busy. ; )

Written by: Brandon Doyle

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